So Many choices, What to look for in a DJ?

Questions and concerns that you may have.

How do you pick a DJ?

 Well, you need to meet them, talk to them and ask questions. You should get a DJ who is not afraid to talk on the microphone. Your DJ needs to know what is supposed to happen and make it happen. It's not about pushing play, but about making your event special. Your DJ needs to be able to talk to your crowd and read there interest. Your DJ needs to know how to interact with establishment staff and event coordinators, Work with caterers, photographers, and officiants. in other words, The DJ has to know what to do in any given moment and keep your groups interest. You do not want everyone to go home right after you cut the cake because they got bored

Can we request music?

 Most definitely, requesting music gives the DJ a better idea of what your interests are.

Can we give you our phone to play a song?

 Sure, let's face it. in today's digital world anything is possible. However, generally, there is no need. (I bring two computers, my main that is attached to my interface, and another that I can get music from sources or even play a cd/DVD). Plus my own smartphone.

Why hire a DJ?

 A DJ is the lifeblood of your event. Let's face it. If your guests are not entertained, THEY WILL LEAVE. Parents with screaming kids need something to do as well as the kids. Grandparents get tired more easily, but they will dance to the right song. Parents of the bride and groom just shelled out a ton of money for the event and would like to celebrate with you for a while. Friends do not make good wedding DJ's. They want to party with you and are not interested in entertaining your guests. (Which brings me to the next question

Why does a DJ cost so much?

 Cost is relative, lower-priced DJ's don't always perform or have the ancient equipment, however, some higher priced DJ's have the same problem, so you get 50/50. Go back to the first question.

   1. Let's break down the cost of a wedding.

   2. Wedding Dress (wear once) 1000.00 +Wedding Cake                             350.00+

   3. Wedding Venue                          2500.00+

   4. Flowers                                           500.00+

   5. Tuxedo's                                         500.00+

   6. Caterer                                            2500.00+

   7. Alcohol                                            800.00+

   8. Official          (11/2 hour)           150.00+

   9. Decorations                                    1000.00

  10. Rings                                                2500.00+

  1. Photographer                              2500.00
  2. all the little things                     400.00

Okay, now weddings can be planned less expensive, but some are more. Any way you look at it, weddings are expensive. You can find great DJ's anywhere between 500.00 and 700.00.

Let's break down what it would cost for you to get a friend and all the equipment and time to Dj your own Wedding.

Rental Speakers                                200.00

Lights                                                     200.00

Sound Board / Microphone       100.00

Pay a friend                                         150.00 (say 5 hours)

You are already at 650.00 plus you have to pick up equipment and more than likely, you don't have much of a library.

When do I book my DJ?

 I have some bookings that are a year away. You should start looking as soon as you can and try to book out 6 months or more. Especially if you are planning a Summer Wedding. I can not tell you enough how many times I have had a bride call in a panic because she could not find a DJ for a wedding in a couple weeks or a friend who backed out. Not the kind of stress you want before your wedding day. Another reason to book a DJ. DON"T WAIT!!!!!!!!

Last, but not Least, I am a professional. I will do my very best to make sure your special day is as perfect as can be. Congratulations and I hope you choose me to help you celebrate your special event.