How to Pick a DJ

So Many choices, What to look for in a DJ?

Questions and concerns that you may have.

How do you pick a DJ?

 Well, you need to meet them, talk to them and ask questions. You should get a DJ who is not afraid to talk on the microphone. Your DJ needs to know what is supposed to happen and make it happen.  Your DJ needs to be able to talk to your crowd and read there interest. Your DJ needs to know how to interact with establishment staff and event coordinators, Work with caterers, photographers, and officiants. The DJ has to know what to do in any given moment and keep your groups interest.

Can we request music? Requesting music gives the DJ a better idea of what your interests are.

Requesting music gives your DJ a better understanding of your interests.

Can we give you our phone to play a song?

Generally, there is no need, but if you wish to play something on your phone, I would gladly do it.

Why hire a DJ?

 A DJ is the keeper of time. A DJ keeps your time line on track, instructs people when and where to be at any given time. A DJ coordinates with all of your professionals to stay on task. Friends and family do not usually work well as the entertainers for your event. A DJ knows your event and comes prepared with all the equipment you need and tons of music.

Why does a DJ cost so much?

I try to keep my costs as low as possible, however there are maintenance costs. Constantly purchasing new music to stay current, lights and all of the equipment have to be maintained. There are travel expences and vehicle maintenance fees. There is also time. Travel set up, and preparation. It may only be a 5 hour wedding, but it might end up being a 13-14 hour day for the DJ.